Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The item price and package total is determined at the time of the package posting. The posted time is noted on each package page, so participants should take timing into account when submitting estimates. In regards to item pricing, our team consults various sources to best determine an item's price. In instances where multiple prices are listed for individual items, our team will list the source in the item description.
Answer: The Estimated Retail Value is the total estimated retail price of the package.
Answer: Yes, in the event you win, you have the option of taking the cash equivalent of the prize. In addition, any individual item that is part of a package may also be awarded as cash, if you so choose.
Answer: In the event an item is not available, we will work to source the item from a different vendor. If we are not able to source the item, we will award the item in the form of its cash equivalent.
Answer: Yes, all estimates and pricing related to hotels and flights should include taxes, fees, and other standard added costs quoted.
Answer: "Entries Remaining" tells you how many openings remain.
Answer: You may enter a contest as many times as you wish. However, you are limited to 100 entries per transaction.
Answer: Participants must be 18 years or older and be a legal resident of the United States. Some restrictions apply, so please check our Terms of Service.
Answer: We make every effort to match game tickets as closely as possible to those presented in the package listing. Tickets awarded will be the best seats at or below the cash equivalent value of the item awarded.
Answer: Instead of actual airline miles, winners will receive the cash equivalent in the form of a gift certificate for that airline.
Answer: Unfortunately, all entries are final -- once paid -- unless a contest is closed and refunds are issued.
Answer: The entry fee depends on a number of criteria. Some package entry fees are priced to close packages quickly, while others -- including rare and valuable packages -- may be priced to draw more participants.
Answer: Most packages rely on pricing in the US Dollar, although some will require estimates after currency conversions. In those cases, it is made clear in the package and item descriptions.
Answer: For currency conversions, we rely on rates quoted on the IRS's Foreign Currency and Currency Exchange Rates site. Depending on the package posting date, you'll need to consult the rates set forth there.
Answer: Item descriptions will include enough information. However, at times it is unclear exactly where the item is purchased and the participant will have to rely on their own research to determine the item's price. For items purchased via secondary sites (e.g. ebay, etsy, etc.) that information will be included in the item description. Final price determination is at the sole discretion of Price Wizards.
Answer: No, you do not need to factor in the cost of pricing and shipping when submitting your estimate. While you do not need to factor in taxes for most package items, some foreign taxes and airline ticket taxes are included as part of the price.
Answer: You may email us at [email protected], but we will not provide answers to specific item questions, in order to provide a fair environment for all participants.
Answer: For packages including flights, we include a specific airline, class, and itinerary within the item description. Participants should enter an estimate based on that information, even though final flight plans will differ based on the winner's location. Once all estimates are submitted and a winner is chosen, our team will book tickets on a route correlated with the winner's location and availability.
Answer: No, you have options. All travel packages must take place within one month prior to or after the date listed in the package title. Once a winner is selected, our team will work with you to make reservations at or below the cash equivalent of the package price.
Answer: For the most part, yes. In some cases -- such as flights and hotel dates, for example -- dates may change after the package closes and the winner is chosen. However, all estimates should be submitted based on the information provided in the item descriptions.
Answer: Short answer: it depends. Depending on the number of estimates submitted and the research conducted by the participant, odds will change.
Answer: No, but you may be eligible for discounts on merchandise.
Answer: In most states the answer is no. Price Wizards is a game of skill, with participants entering estimates and paying an entry fee. We encourage participants to do research on item values, before entering estimates. Players who research item prices before entering their estimate have a greater likelihood of winning the package than those who simply guess.
Answer: Most states allow for games of skill, although some may have restrictions on what games of skills are allowed. Participants should consult local laws before playing, if they have concerns.
Answer: You may enter up to a hundred estimates per checkout. Participants may enter as many estimates on as many packages as they wish.
Answer: If a package does not receive the required number of estimates, we will issue you a full refund. This only applies for packages with a firm deadline.
Answer: Not exactly. Depending on your item estimates, you may or may not win if you correctly estimate the price of the package. A number of factors are at play, so consults the rules page if you have questions.
Answer: Packages are awarded once the number of entries is filled. At that point, participants will receive an email informing them whether they have won or lost. Packages will remain open for up to one year.
Answer: Winners will receive an email confirming your contact information and, once the fee is paid, the package will be shipped out to you. Depending on the value of the pack, some tax forms will be included. Packages including travel arrangements, rare and value items will be handled by our team, who will reach out to provide details and support.
Answer: All package items are based on before sale prices, unless otherwise noted. For complete information on price estimates, see our Official Rules.
Answer: Currency conversion rates are included in package notes. All pricing and conversions should disregard digits after the hundredths place. Do not round.
Answer: Tiebreaker questions are used for -- you guessed it -- tiebreakers. Tiebreaker questions are often more difficult than simply estimating the price of items, and require more time to figure out. Packages do not include tiebreaker items and the estimates provided to tiebreakers are only considered in the event of ties. See the Official Rules for more details on how this tiebreaker works.
Answer: Lucky you. If you are lucky enough to win (congrats), we handle the taxes. You won't owe anything in addition to the package itself. Depending on the prize and the value, we will include some tax forms, but our handling of the taxes is part of the prize.